AQUAMARINE: the guide to knowing everything about this precious stone

What is the history of aquamarine? What is the meaning of aquamarine? What are the particularities of aquamarine? Where is aquamarine extracted?

Aquamarine is part of the large beryl family, just like emerald or morganite. Like all beryls, aquamarine has good brilliance and is often large. This stone is renowned for its great beauty and its magnificent blue color.

History of aquamarine

Aquamarine gets its name from the Latin Aqua Marina , which literally means sea water . This is due to its blue color. According to legend, at the time, merchants dipped aquamarines in the sea and they considered the most beautiful to be those that blended with the water. Sailors wore these stones which gave them protection against the hazards of navigation. Thus, the more transparent the stone was in the sea, the greater its protective power.

Due to its great hardness, aquamarine has often been used in jewelry for all kinds of creations. In Greece or Italy, aquamarine was even used as a base for sculptures representing gods and heroes.

Particularities of aquamarine

This stone has shades of blue depending on its origin: dark blue, blue, pale blue, blue-green. It is the presence of iron which is at the origin of these nuances. The most sought-after color for an aquamarine is natural deep blue, also called “Santa Maria”. This shade of blue refers to the mine of the same name located in the province of Minas Gérais, Brazil.

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Aquamarine is transparent or opaque. In the latter case, they are then cut into cabochons or pearls. Aquamarines are quite robust and resist the wear and tear of time. However, it is advisable to clean them regularly to prevent them from becoming grayish or greenish.

How do you know if aquamarine is natural?

Inclusion is a sign that a stone is natural. In the case of aquamarine, these are small empty or liquid-filled tubes. When there are many of them and if the cabochon cut is correctly carried out, then it is possible to make the stone very shimmering. These aquamarines are also called “Cat’s Eye”.

Aquamarine: the birthstone of March

Each month of the year has a stone associated with it. For the month of March , it is aquamarine. This gem symbolizes delicacy and elegance. Also a symbol of fidelity, it accompanies young lovers throughout their romance. Aquamarine will perfectly adorn an engagement ring .

Origin: where are aquamarine extracted?

Brazil produces gems of very good quality, like the famous Santa Maria aquamarines. Mozambique is also an important producer, whose quality is close to that of Brazil. Thus, Mozambican aquamarines are called “Santa Maria Africana” in order to differentiate them from their Brazilian cousins.

Natural blue stones are also extracted from India, Nigeria and Madagascar, but also from Afghanistan and Zimbabwe.

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