PARAÍBA TOURMALINE: an exceptional stone

What is Paraíba tourmaline? When was Paraíba tourmaline discovered? Where is Paraíba tourmaline extracted? What sizes are preferred for Paraíba tourmaline? How to choose your Paraíba tourmaline? What are the virtues of Paraíba tourmaline?

Among the tourmalines, a bluish treasure

Tourmalines form a mineralogical family which brings together many more specific gems. All these gems, having the same chemical composition, will differ in relation to their color: rubellite, indicolite, pink tourmaline, mint tourmaline, etc. Another stone, exceptional in its color, is also part of this family: Paraíba tourmaline.

The origins of Paraíba tourmaline

Paraíba tourmaline is one of the latest gems to be discovered. It was in 1989 that the first deposit was discovered, in the Paraíba region of Brazil. The mine operator then discovered an extraordinary gem, which was unlike any other. A unique blue-green turquoise, incredible luminosity and a still unknown radiance are enough for this tourmaline to quickly become famous.

The first samples of this new stone were taken in a few hours the following year. Prices are soaring and reaching several thousand dollars per carat. In 30 years, prices have continued to rise and have multiplied by 20.

These stones are rare since very specific conditions are required to allow the formation of this tourmaline. It is the presence and combination of manganese and copper, in precise proportions, which allows the birth of this nugget. In addition, Paraíba tourmaline extraction tends to disappear because the mine is almost exhausted.

How to recognize a Paraíba tourmaline? How to choose your Paraíba tourmaline?

Paraíba tourmaline has this unique neon blue color. It is also sometimes called Neon Tourmaline . Its luster and brilliance make this stone exceptional and highly sought after. The colors of Paraíba vary from green to turquoise blue and neon blue.

These gems very often contain inclusions. We speak of “gardens” because these inclusions can take plant forms. In this way, pure stones are even rarer and even more expensive.

Finally, Paraíba tourmalines can be heated to accentuate their color and shine and to attenuate or make small inclusions disappear.

Where to find Paraíba tourmaline?

The first deposit is that of the Paraíba region in Brazil. But it tends to disappear, as the quantities extracted are minimal. Paraíba is not a gem that is found in large quantities.

In 2001, a deposit of very similar tourmalines was discovered in Nigeria. However, the Nigerian gem is lighter than its Brazilian cousin.

In Mozambique, in 2005, another deposit of similar tourmalines was discovered. These are almost identical to Paraíba tourmalines from Brazil, but the shine is even more intense. The garden is also often more pronounced.

Currently, only Brazilian tourmalines bear the name Paraíba Tourmaline . The stones across the Atlantic take the term Tourmaline Paraíba Africana , in order to differentiate on the origin.

What size is adopted for Paraíba tourmaline?

Due to the particular inclusions of Paraíba tourmaline which are elongated crystals, an elongated format cut is therefore preferred. This size brings out the shine of the stone and gives it even more shine.

Thus, the sizes generally adopted are rectangle, pear and oval type sizes. These are the sizes that will allow the stone to exude its full beauty, as there is a perfect balance between the length and the number of facets, allowing light to enter the gem and reflect.

Paraíba Tourmaline Ring Like A Royal Couple Joaillerie Manal Paris

Tourmaline: the birthstone of October children

Generally speaking, tourmaline honors children born in the month of October . Paraíba tourmaline is therefore an example.

Paraíba tourmaline provides energy, but is also an excellent way to soothe sleep. She is the symbol of creativity and love. This very particular color of Paraíba tourmaline also reflects the solar, playful and lively character of the person who wears it. This, like our Comme Un Couple Royal ring, where the Paraíba tourmaline used as the center stone brings a truly exceptional dimension to the stone.

In folklore tradition, tourmaline is commonly given to celebrate 52 years of marriage. What could be better than an exceptional tourmaline, like Paraíba, to pay homage to this eternal love?

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