10 pieces of jewelry to give for Mother’s Day

Tell her you love her with our selection of gifts to give for Mother's Day

Because Mother's Day is fast approaching, we have prepared a selection of jewelry for all budgets that are sure to please!

nesf daera vermeil ring Manal Paris


The Nesf Daera ring in 18-carat yellow gold vermeil

The ring from the “Nesf Daera” collection stands out for the finesse of its top and its delicately designed structure. It's the perfect gift for your mother if she likes jewelry that makes a statement with delicacy.

Nesf Daera Ring in 18k Yellow Gold Vermeil »

Price: 290 euros

earring Mother's Day gift idea Manal Paris jewelry


The iconic Nesf Daera earrings in 18-carat yellow gold vermeil

It is one of the flagship models of our jewelry collection . These Art Deco inspired earrings are elegant and feminine. From the Nesf Daera collection which means semi-circle, they are inspired by curves, circles and semi-circles as well as Art Deco architecture and make their strength and audacity resonate in the women who wear them.

Price: 395 euros

Nesf Daera Earrings in 18k Yellow Gold Vermeil »

18-carat pink gold pearl ring Manal Paris


Our Margarita ring and its 18-carat rose gold pearls

Delicate and feminine, the Margarita ring in 18-carat pink gold pearls is a hit! This model, both original and elegant, is sure to please everyone!

Price: 490 euros

Margarita ring in 18k rose gold pearls »


Our twisted ring in 18-carat rose gold, a sure value

The 18k rose gold twist ring is retro. Like a ribbon delicately surrounding the finger, its 80's style will please your mother!

Price: 490 euros

18k rose gold twisted ring »

Nesf Daera vermeil signet ring Manal Paris


The Nesf Daera signet ring in 18-carat yellow gold vermeil

Strength and femininity emerge from the Nesf Daera signet ring , a new version that is both modern and timeless of this traditional jewel. A great classic to please your mother!

Price: 390 euros

Nesf Daera signet ring in 18 ct yellow gold vermeil »


Our Nesf Daera necklace in 18k yellow gold vermeil

Precious and daring, the necklace from the "Nesf Daera" collection will bring an inimitable touch to your mother's outfits thanks to its vintage side. It can be worn with your everyday clothes or over an evening dress.

Price: 240 euros

Nesf Daera necklace in 18k yellow gold vermeil »


The timeless Daera round wire bracelet in 18-carat yellow gold vermeil

Elegant and refined, the round wire bracelet from the "Daera" collection will enhance all of your mother's outfits thanks to its delicate design.

Price: 160 euros

Daera round wire bracelet in 18k yellow gold vermeil »

original diamond ring Manal Paris


Comme Un Couple Royal, our delicate diamond ring

The Comme Un Couple Royal ring is distinguished by its half-turn pearl-set diamonds which recall the sun and its rose gold pearls, the moon. A mystical couple who succeed and replace each other every day to watch over us. The right gift to watch over your dear mother.

Price: 1190 euros

Comme Un Couple Royal 18ct rose gold beads and diamond settings »


The sparkling Daera pastille necklace in 18-carat pink gold

Elegant, sober and refined, the pastille necklace from the “Daera” collection enhances all your outfits. From the "Daera" collection which means "circle", this collection is light, round and elegant which allows it to be delicately combined with other pieces. This necklace is part of Vogue 's selection of jewelry to offer!

Price: 980 euros

Daera Pastilles necklace in 18kt rose gold »


The Daera ring in 18k yellow gold vermeil

Elegant and refined, the ring from the “Daera” collection stands out for its finesse and delicacy. At only €90, it's the perfect gift to please without breaking the bank!

Price: 90 euros

Daera ring in 18k yellow gold vermeil »

Mother's Day gift ideas jewelry Manal Paris

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