How to choose your engagement ring?

Our tips for not making a mistake and buying her the ideal engagement ring!

Much more than a ring, it is the symbol of an eternal union and a promise of unconditional love. This is the piece of jewelry that your other half will wear proudly for many years and with a little luck (we hope) for the rest of their life. Several questions arise: what stone, what budget, should I choose the ring alone or as a couple? But also how to choose your engagement ring without it seeming outdated after a few years?

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Which stone to choose for an engagement ring?

The most famous choice is diamond , for its beauty, brilliance and durability. But how to choose it? The practice is to respect the 4C rule which allows you to choose your diamond according to 4 quality criteria: color (Color: which varies from D to Z), purity (Clarity: are there any impurities), size (Cut: the shape of the stone) and weight (Carat: the number of carats). So the number of carats is sometimes less important than clarity or size.

However, in recent years the choice has been moving more and more towards colored stones for their originality and the symbolism perceived behind each variety. The colored stone offers many possibilities: tourmaline offers a wide palette ranging from blue to pink, including green and yellow... The most sought after being the bluish green tint of Paraiba tourmaline. The most common colored stones are emerald (green), ruby ​​(red) and sapphire, the blue variety of which is the best known but which also exists in pink, green, yellow or even the orange-pink of the famous padparadscha sapphire. Our favorites are water mint tourmaline and Brazilian emerald for their softness.

It doesn't matter if the stone you choose is different or little known, as long as you like it.

Concerning the size of the stone , it is advisable to choose the size that best suits the shape of your hands. Long hands will be enhanced by a longitudinal shape like the emerald cut and the pear cut, while compact sizes like the brilliant and cushion cuts will suit small hands perfectly.

What metal for the engagement ring? Opting for ethical jewelry?

Selected for their durability, precious metals like gold and platinum are often used in engagement rings.

The choice of metal is made according to the skin tone of your hands, your tastes and your budget (platinum being the most expensive). If you are hesitant, your jewelry box is always a good clue! At MANAL PARIS, pink gold is in the spotlight. Soft and discreet, it suits almost all skin colors. Its “warmer” color gives a very shimmering effect when mounted with colored stones. It’s the little black dress of jewelry ✨

The number of carats corresponds to the quantity of alloy contained in pure gold (24 carats). Thus, 18 carat gold (75% of its weight of pure gold) is the most precious of the solid gold alloys used in jewelry.

At MANAL PARIS , we only use recycled 18-carat gold for ethical and ecological reasons since enough gold is already extracted from mines to meet the demand for jewelry for the next 50 years.

Finally, the color of the metal chosen for the engagement ring must go hand in hand with the wedding ring: they are worn together and must match.

How much to budget for the engagement ring?

    It is not necessarily easy to assess what we can offer our sweetheart when the world of jewelry is unknown to us. The price for the same setting may vary depending on the stone, metal and jewelry work. Personalized support can help you during this important step in order to make it a warm and happy moment. Also, it is important to allocate a budget within your means. Regardless of the price of the jewelry, it is the nobility of your feelings that your future wife will cherish.

    Choosing the engagement ring alone or as a couple?

      More and more couples are choosing an engagement ring together. They consider it an important moment for the couple that they want to share together. This also allows you to be sure to choose the ring that will please your sweetheart. And to surprise her, it is possible to propose to her a few months after finding the ring while waiting for that ideal moment that you choose and which best represents your relationship.

      If, on the contrary, you decide to choose the ring alone, your sweetheart may already have an idea of ​​the ring she would like to wear. So investigate discreetly because she may have given you some clues to guide you a little in the case of a hypothetical marriage proposal. A remark on a model that she likes spotted in a window during a walk, a discreet reminder of the engagement ring of her friend Julie that she loved so much on the condition of course of remembering the model of the Julie in question but that's another story... The most recommended is to be accompanied by her loved ones or her best friend to whom she must surely have confided about the magnificent model that she will be so proud to wear.

      What size should I choose for the engagement ring?

        It is customary to wear the engagement ring on the left ring finger. In order to define its size in the event that you have decided to choose your ring alone, don't panic, two possibilities are available to you. If your sweetheart is used to wearing rings, discreetly (in the evening for example when she is sleeping) take the one she is used to wearing on her left ring finger in order to measure it. Simply measure its circumference which will give you its finger size. For example, if the inner contour of the ring measures 5.2 cm then its size is 52. The average size is generally 52 or 53. And if she does not wear rings, simply take the average size which you will have resized if necessary. once your request has been made. At MANAL PARIS, we offer resizing within 3 months following your purchase. Ultimately this size thing doesn't matter and shouldn't cause you to be unmasked to her.

        What is the difference between engagement ring and wedding ring?

          The engagement ring is the one with which you will propose to your sweetheart. It is usually made up of a center stone, whether it is a diamond or a colored stone and symbolizes your commitment to each other. The wedding ring is the ring that you will slip around your finger on the day of your wedding ceremony. They are worn together with the engagement ring which is generally more expensive. Most couples choose wedding rings in the form of simple gold or platinum rings, but there are more and more models of creative wedding rings which sometimes include a few surprises for those who would like to hide a spark in a place rather unexpected 😘

          What are the different styles of engagement rings?

          As with a dress, each model corresponds to a type of woman:

          • there is the classic solitaire, the safe bet for those who do not usually wear jewelry or rarely. The choice of stone can make it more unique as for our Ispahane solitaire .
          • the shouldered solitaire or with a ring paved with diamonds, a more elaborate classic for those who like to be surprised with a slight touch of originality as for our Comme Un Couple Royal ring or the Art Deco 4 diamond solitaire.
          • the freshly retro ring, for those who like strong pieces with character while being current, timeless and light: Roma , pink topaz, Anjar solitaire.
          • And for those who simply don't want an engagement ring but are looking for a little more than just a wedding ring, the Anjar ring which represents the perfect balance between simplicity, discretion and sophistication.

          The simplest thing is to try on the models to see which one suits you in search of the ring that will captivate your heart. Semi-measurement represents an alternative allowing you to personalize the models by choosing the stone and/or metal of your choice. And if you already have a family stone or if another one appeals to you on site, you can also opt for custom-made ones.

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