The Art Deco trend in jewelry

If Art Deco is a movement from the beginning of the 20th century, it still inspires today. But ultimately what is Art Deco in jewelry? Here we invite you to (re)discover this trend that has been shining again for several years.

In reaction to Art Nouveau, Art Deco

Art Nouveau is an artistic movement from the end of the 19th century. These are the arts of the Belle Époque, which correspond to those of the second industrial revolution. The artists will thus exhibit their works during the Universal Exhibition of 1900 in Paris. One of the great novelties with this movement is the introduction of nature, animals, insects, plants, fruits, flowers, leaves, etc. but also mythological or oriental elements. The shapes also change because sinuosity, asymmetry, waves, curves and even arabesques are introduced.

Finally, the last great novelty inaugurated with Art Nouveau is the refusal of the distinction between major arts (architecture, painting, etc.) and minor arts (decorative arts). Artists want to create a Total Art that encompasses architecture as well as painting or sculpture, ceramics, watchmaking or jewelry.

Little by little, a counter-movement will develop: Art Deco. Even if some warning signs could be seen before the First World War (1914-1918), it would be necessary to wait until the 1920s for Art Deco to triumph. This movement advocates a return to geometry, reason, and symmetry. It brings a certain form of sobriety in the face of the forms and creations of Art Nouveau. It is no longer nature that is celebrated but technology and globalization. Just like Art Nouveau, Art Deco challenges the distinction between the arts.

The Art Deco style in jewelry

If there is indeed a return of a form of rigor, the aesthetic and decorative aspects are not forgotten, since the floral and plant elements are stylized in Art Deco. And the ornamentation will give a touch of fantasy to the straight lines. In jewelry, designers will use this movement to create unique pieces or produced in very small quantities. The creations have mastered shapes and great finesse, like our Café de Paris ring in white gold .

Café de Paris Ring Manal Paris Jewelry

Today, faced with the craze for this period and its creations, there is an increasingly strong demand for Art Deco style jewelry. It is therefore in this approach that we made the choice to join this movement. Strict criteria must be respected: a drastic selection of precious stones, a refined design and artisanal manufacturing. Thus, our Odysée ring comes with four different stones: aquamarine, peridot, pink topaz and green tourmaline.

Odysée Ring Manal Paris Jewelry

The constituent elements of Art Deco in jewelry

An Art Deco piece of jewelry has several characteristics, including of course the presence of geometric shapes. This brings an industrial chic look that is completely new for the time. This first characteristic is constitutive of our Luxor ring.

Luxor Ring Jewelry Manal Paris

Additionally, another special element is the watermark. This is a form of metallic lace, in gold or silver. The Damascus Rose ring is an example, with this old rose revisited with the codes of Art Deco.

Damascus Rose Ring Manal Paris Jewelry

Finally, the stones used for the creations must be calibrated. That is to say, the stones are specially cut to fit into a particular composition, where each stone has its place. All to generate complex patterns, revealing a true identity.

Do you want an Art Deco style creation? Do not hesitate to contact us . We will be happy to discuss with you and support you in your project.


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