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If Maison Manal Paris already offers you creations that are customizable, it is also possible to create your own jewelry. Here we detail the process of this unique creation that suits you.

1. Preparing for the appointment

It all starts with preparing for our first meeting. We invite you to tell us a little more about who you are, the nature of the project you would like to entrust to us, your favorite stone and your budget. These elements allow our designer Manal to be able to design the first outlines of your creation.

2. Meet at the showroom

Then comes the moment of your meeting with Manal at the showroom. The aim of this meeting is to make your ring a reality, but above all to understand your world and let you discover ours. It is generally the couple who comes, the jewel is thought of by two.

3. Choose your center stone

The most important element of your ring is the center stone. It is therefore necessary to take the time to choose it carefully. This will be the basis of your creation. Manal really likes pastel colored stones because they have “ very complex and hypnotizing reflections ”. If classic stones are present such as emerald, sapphire or diamond, we also like to offer you exceptional gems, sometimes lesser known, such as Paraíba tourmaline, citrine or even peridot.

4. Draw your dream together on paper

Once the center stone is found, comes the design of the ring on paper. A unique alchemy then takes place to give birth to your desire in the form of jewelry. The curves are emerging. The colors appear. The jewel comes to life. Manal Paris draws a lot of inspiration from Art Deco jewelry for its structured and strong lines, its symmetry,…

A preview of your creation in 3D on a computer is possible on request, for a cost of €190. It helps reassure and reassure the undecided. It will also serve as a working basis for production in our workshop.

5. Resin printing

Once you have validated the project and it meets your expectations, a 3D printed model, called resin, will be produced. You will have the opportunity to try it in order to give your final approval.

Custom Ring - Manal Paris Jewelry

The rest of the production takes place in our Parisian workshop, with expert craftsmen, trained in the largest Maisons on Place Vendôme. It takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks of work for your jewelry to be finalized.

6. Gold Melting

It all starts with melting gold to create the base for your creation. Manal Paris only works with recycled gold. You can find our articles on recycled gold and the commitments of Manal Paris.

7. Finishing, crimping and polishing

With a very fine saw, the jeweler will follow the resin finishing model in order to work the cast metal, here gold. Then the ring is set with its precious stones. It is important to set the jewelry well to prevent the stone from moving, or worse, from falling and fracturing. The polisher then returns to the creation in order to polish it using his polishing red. This step will allow the gold to shine brightly and give it an extraordinary shine. It should be noted that you should not polish a ring too much in its lifetime, at the risk of removing material, damaging the setting and weakening the ring.

8. Delivery to the customer

The last step is the reception of the creation by the customer at the showroom. It's always magical to see how a jewelry project takes shape and allows our customers to realize a deep desire. If necessary, it is possible to adjust the size of the ring. The latter then becomes one with you. One sublimating the other.

And you, what is the ring of your dreams? Make an appointment at the showroom and come tell us about your jewelry project. You look forward to welcoming you, advising you and supporting you in this achievement.


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By Manal