EMERALD: the guide to knowing everything about this precious stone

What is the meaning of emerald? What are the virtues of emerald? Where does emerald come from? How to choose a beautiful emerald?

This exceptional stone is quickly recognizable thanks to its unique green, punctuated by a hint of blue. Emerald is a stone that has fascinated and aroused desire since its discovery.

According to folk custom, 40 years of marriage are celebrated with the Emerald Wedding. In addition, each month has its birthstone. Thus, emerald welcomes the newborns of the month of May.

History of the emerald

Considered the symbol of youth, love and rebirth, the emerald has seduced people for more than 4,000 years. Moreover, Cleopatra would have loved this stone so much that she would have given its name to a deposit in Egypt.

The Romans imported their emeralds from what is now Austria. The Indian Mughals had to inscribe their sacred texts on stone and then wore them like talismans, bringing protection.

But it was not until the discovery of the New World that emerald arrived in quantity in Europe, with South American lands overflowing with this precious stone.

Special features of emerald

Emerald is part of the beryl family, with aquamarine, morganite, and heliodor. Emerald, however, is the most prized because it is much rarer. Indeed, a rare combination of geological and chemical conditions is necessary. Beryllium, which is used for the crystallization of this precious stone, is found in the deep layers of the earth's crust. It rises to the surface thanks to volcanic activities or tectonic movements among others. It must then encounter rocks containing chromium and vanadium, in an attempt to achieve this particular color.

It is all these particularities and this luck that make the emerald an exceptional stone, in the same way as the diamond.

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How do you know if an emerald is natural?

A natural emerald has a beautiful appearance, a green color with a hint of blue and inclusions such as frost. It is very regularly included. It is appreciated for its romantic inclusions which give character to this gem and its soul, which is called the “emerald garden”. This garden assures that it is indeed a real natural emerald.

How to recognize a good quality emerald?

A good quality emerald should not be included too much or too little. You need a happy medium that allows you to enjoy your garden. Intense emeralds are particularly sought after but the equally popular Brazilian emeralds are slightly more pastel for people who like to wear cooler jewelry.

What is the preferred size for the emerald?

To best allow light into this characteristic gem and express all its beauty, a specific cut, called emerald cut , was invented. Rectangular in shape, it reflects slightly less light than the brilliant cut, but corresponds more to the specificities of the emerald and allows the various small inclusions to be highlighted.

Emerald: the birthstone of May

Emerald is the birthstone of people who were born in the month of May. Cleopatra would have personally appreciated this stone since it brings eternal youth according to the belief of the time. It currently symbolizes health, fertility and fidelity. An emerald necklace or ring strengthens love in a couple!

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Origin: where to find emerald?

Colombia has always been considered the most important source of quality emerald. One of the most famous mines is Muzo, where it is said that the stones were collected by hand. Colombian emeralds have an intense green color, due to the fact that they are only colored by chrome.

Brazil also has beautiful deposits, which produce similar emeralds. However, the stone is colored by vanadium and/or iron, which gives it this bluish green color. The same is true for Zimbabwe, which has been mining emerald since the 1950s. These stones are smaller in size.

Zambia has developed its emerald mining since the 1970s. Many people choose Zambian emeralds because they are not processed at the source, unlike Colombian emeralds.

Other important sources are Australia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Russia, Tanzania and Madagascar.

Have you been seduced by emerald?

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