I'm getting married: the self-gifting trend in jewelry

What is self-gifting?

The self-gifting trend is booming. It simply consists of treating yourself by giving yourself a gift to celebrate yourself, your successes, what you have become. This gesture is not trivial, it reveals true self-affirmation whether you are in a relationship or single.

A gift to make yourself to celebrate yourself

We often talk about a “guilty pleasure” when we indulge ourselves, but that’s not the case! There is nothing selfish about self-gifting, on the contrary it allows us to make peace with ourselves and to congratulate ourselves on a goal that we have achieved by marking the occasion or to mark a particular event so as not to forget it. It is a true sign of self-affirmation and character. Every time you lay eyes on it it will symbolize and celebrate you, what you have become.

Self-gifting, instructions for use: The jewel you give yourself

How does self-gifting actually work? There is no shortage of opportunities to celebrate yourself! Find the ones that speak to you and treat yourself to the precious jewel you want, for example. Some people will treat themselves to a ring for their 30th birthday, others will buy themselves a piece of jewelry for Valentine's Day to celebrate themselves whether they are in a relationship or not, or quite simply on the day of this engagement. aware that it is time to treat yourself!

Our selection of rings to get married

It is the precious ring that represents your character, your personality, your love for who you are with your faults and your qualities. So choose it accordingly from our selection of rings to marry .

To learn more about this trend

The writer Nathalie Lefèvre looked into the subject through her book It's decided, I'm getting married . Go read it to find out more! She also married herself with the Ispahane ring in pink gold and its beautiful pink tourmaline from Mozambique.

It's decided, I'm marrying Nathalie Lefèvre


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